Back-To-School Activities

  • Aug. 2, 2016, 4:39 p.m.

Selfie Wall

Start the year with selfies! Have students create a self-portrait to post on a classroom “Wall of Fame.” You can use technology if it is available and printing is easy. Create hashtags like, #bestyearever or #ilovelearning!

Want Ads

Friends Wanted! Have students create classified ads about what type of friends they are looking for this school year. Discuss character traits and activities that they are looking to do with friends. This is also a great opportunity to discuss the purpose and importance of classified ads.

Create a Meme

Memes are great ways to break the ice with your students. Memes are meant to be humorous and who doesn't like to laugh? Have your students brainstorm positive actions that help students take ownership of their learning, set appropriate learning and behavior goals, or make choices that help everyone stay strong and encouraged. Then snap a picture of the student dramatizing the action.

For more detailed information on each activity, visit our free downloads to download the Activities for  Building Relationships