Celebrate Poetry Month!

  • by Kelly Harmon & Randi Anderson
  • May 17, 2017, 3:49 p.m.

1. Poetry Genre Study

Create a "book flood" in your classroom or library of various books of poems. Have students browse and read poems of their choice. This is a great opportunity to "marinate" your students in poetry!

2. Poet Author Study

Choose one or several poets to focus on for the month of April. Have students write questions about the poet(s) and allow them to investigate to find the answers. Display pictures of the poet or create a poet wall in your classroom. Consider contacting some poets and schedule time to Skype with them.

3. Sign Up for a FREE Teach This Poem

Check out Teach This Poem on for lesson plans and ideas for engaging students in reading and reflecting on poetry.

4. Poetry Slam

Have your students do a poetry slam! Start by reading an engaging poem aloud to students. Get students excited about poetry. Two great books written in free verse is Crossover and Booked by Kwame Alexander. Here is an outline for a week with Poetry Slams.

Day 1- Choose a Poem

Day 2- Students Highlight Difficult Words

Day 3- Practice Expression & Phrasing

Day 4- Partner Practice

Day 5- SLAM! (Read Aloud)


5. Poetry Writing Choice Board

Use our FREE poetry writing choice board to get your students reading and responding to poetry. This document can be used as a center or even as homework. The most important thing is to allow students to choose their writing task from the choice board. Get our Poetry Writing Choice Board Here!

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