Building Partnerships With Parents From the Start

  • Aug. 2, 2017, 3:57 p.m.

Relationships are the foundation of a successful school year. Not just teacher and student relationships, but parent and teacher relationships. When thinking about interacting with parents, we must view them as a partnership. We are partnering with parents to teach their most prized possession.

Empower Vs. Preach
Parents want to help their students in any way they can, sometimes they just aren't sure how to do that academically. Give parents exact strategies or tasks to do with their students at home. Let me them in on how this will help build the desired outcome. Consider making a video or going "Live" on your class Facebook page to demonstrate how to give feedback or show how to support the child while they are doing homework.

Goal Setting
Have parents help you and their student set learning goals Show them the data and empower them to help their student grow this school year. Be explicit when you explain what the assessments show and what the report means. Be sure to start with all of the student's strengths. Setting new goals with parents every semester is a valuable tool to boost student's achievement.

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