Writing Reviews

  • by Kelly Harmon & Randi Anderson
  • March 13, 2019, 2:06 p.m.

Ever heard of Ryan's Toy Reviews on Youtube? Ever use Trip Advisor or Yelp? Reviews of products, locations, and places hold vital information for us as consumers, and also as learners. They help us to decide where to go for dinner or whether or not to purchase that coffee maker on Amazon.

Reviews are great in the classroom, too! Not only are they a form of expository or informational writing, but they also tap into students' interests. Reviews are short expository texts that have an immediate purpose for their intended audience.

After showcasing a variety of reviews to your students, students can start writing their own reviews of toys, restaurants in your area, or places they have visited on spring break vacation.

Before writing, have students plan out their intended message by asking:

  • Would you give this product or place a thumbs up or a thumbs down (or 1-5 stars)?
  • Why did you rate your product or place the way you did?
  • What do you want your reader to learn from your review?
  • What words will help you accomplish your purpose?

Showcase your students' reviews so that the entire school can see their thinking! Use QR codes or make a class Yelp book.

Kelly Harmon and Randi Anderson

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