Story Time Resources for September 21, 2019

  • by Kelly Harmon
  • Oct. 8, 2019, 10:49 a.m.

This week I select books that count! Children can learn many math concepts through books, songs, and games. Click here for my slides and links to songs.  

Chica Chica 123 is a great book for engaging children in counting by 1's to 20, counting backwards from 20, counting by 10's to 100, and exploring the concept of 0. 

The rhyme is addictive and will help your child develop and awareness of sounds in words.  This is an early literacy skill needed for reading success later. 

Dog Number 1 Dog Number 10 by Ami Rubinger is another great counting book. The math in the book is counting to 10, counting by 2's to 10, and counting by 1's to 20. Children can touch the dogs and cats as they count to develop a concept of counting with one-to-one correspondence. They should also answer the question "How many?" 

This book helps children learn to hear rhymes in words. They can begin to predict what might be the name of teach dog based on what rhymes with the number.  

This is a super cute book that children love to read over and over!  

Nine Duck Nine by Sarah Hayes is a story in which nine ducks work together to outfox the fox. The math in this book involves the idea of subtraction, or separating. One by one, the ducks separate from the group to lead the fox to his demise. It's a cute story with lots of points for discussion.