Summer Game Ideas PK-12

  • by Randi Anderson
  • June 3, 2020, 10:36 a.m.

By Randi Anderson

Summer is a great time to connect with your kids through playing games. Games are a brain changer! Jane McGonigal's book Reality is Broken, gives us insight into why games are powerful. She says that games are an escape from reality and challenges motivate us. 

Logical Thinking Games

Games are great to use to get students engaged in logical thinking. Logical reasoning is an important skill for students to use in all content areas, especially in reading and writing. Here are some games that promote logical thinking for students ages 5 to 18.


This code breaking game is great for kids ages 5 to adult. Player 1 creates a secret code while player 2 has to try through a series of trials an error to uncover the secret code. 

Guess Who?

This classic game is great for kids of all ages to use their inferencing skills to discover who the other player has as their person on their card. 

Sequence for Kids

This game is an exciting strategy game for younger kids. There is no reading involved to play. Great for ages 4-8.

Logic Links

Use deductive reasoning to solve challenging puzzles in this game. Play individual or in a group. Great for ages 6+.

Cat Crimes

Players must use logical reasoning to solve the cat crimes and figure out which cat did the crime. Challenges range from beginner to expert. Best for kids ages 8+.

Word Games

Get students making, manipulating, and practicing their phonemic awareness skills through games. Games are great for students of all ages to actively practice letter knowledge.


This game is a fun way for kids to make words and use their phonological knowledge. Play with 2 or more players. There is a Bananagrams Junior game available for younger kids. 


This classic game is fun for all ages and can have up to 6 players. 


Kids have to find the most words to win. This requires use of letter/sound knowledge. Also incorporates spelling pattern knowledge. Great for ages 6+.

Apple Letters

A sibling to the Bananagrams game, Apple Letters has many options in word games to play. Players can modify for younger players or up for older kids. Players must make snake the tiles to make words.