One minute PD's

  • by Rachel Mane
  • Dec. 12, 2020, 4:47 p.m.

When the pandemic hit, there was an overabundance of information and technology being shared in the education world and many of us were quickly overwhelmed. As an educator, it is important to model continued learning and reflection upon our craft when we expect our students to do the same, but when does it become too much? As a district math coach, I wanted to support in a meaningful, but less overwhelming way, so I began videoing myself doing a one-minute PD session. You can access my videos on my YouTube channel.

The inspiration behind quick professional development came from my observing teacher-learning burn out during the spring. As a lifelong learner, I find myself turning towards podcasts and videos when seeking out my own professional learning lately. Hearing new strategies and ideas or watching them being used in a video excites me to implement them, so I created a series of One Minute PDs showcasing strategies that can be used in both an in person and virtual setting.

Through these quick PD opportunities, teachers can learn a new instructional strategy, technology tool, or content specific strategy within a few minutes and still have time to reflect upon and implement it. During a year where circumstances are continuously changing, it is important to build expertise and capacity to teach in all environments. We teach our students 21st century skills to prepare them for future careers that may not even exist yet, so as educators we need to obtain new learning for the same reasons. Each school year, and especially this one, brings new changes, new challenges, and new opportunities for growth. Reflecting upon what is currently working and what is not can lead teachers to seeking out professional development to grow in areas that need support. My hope is these videos can provide “on demand” learning opportunities as well as inspiration for implementation, reflection, and growth.

Rachel Mane is a secondary math specialist in the NorthEast ISD in San Antonio, Texas. She also presents for the Bureau of Education and Research.